Bygholmkitesurf – It ain’t going to be better.

It ain’t going to be better. For many years kitesurfers have found and used the pull-up about 1 km east of Øsløs, probably most due to rumours or cyberspace.

The users are experts. When we talk to them, is it a combination of wind, water, low depth of water, a nice sandy beach, and grass area for rigging, which makes the place unique.

There are perfect accessibility ( A11 highway) and shopping- and welfare facility in immediate proximity (Camping area, grocer’s and cafeteria/grill).

The place is close to the nature sanctuary Vejlerne and Limfjorden. The surroundings are extremly beautiful and varied here in Hannæs, near Thy, Han Herred and Mors.

We talk about waste of resources, environment and global warming. Our arrangement represents the opposite; besides the participants´ own energy, the sport and leisure life is shown here,

Completely in covenant with nature and its powers – This applies to both the locals and the visitors


The area will be divided in a way so that there still will be space for those who  just want to use it as a resting place and a beauty spot.