Project Bygholmkitesurf

In the last 5-10 years, the coast of Øsløs has become a very popular spot for kite surfing. The location of this is just beside the picnic area, just outside the east part of Kåg Landing and about 1 km east of Øsløs.

It’s very important to use and appreciate the good nature-based potentials for activities such as kite surfing.

With this project, the Øsløs Parish and Cultural Association want to formalize and provide a framework for these activities, which we see so significantly increased.

For a long time it has been at an informal level, now we want to make it absolutely official and formal.

The participants are mostly Danish but we also see many people from our neighboring countries.

The expressions are quite clear: it is an ideal place for kite surfing.

Our ambition is that within ten years we have a national and northern European known and recognized kite surf location, offering the best conditions, the best logistics and service.